This is a post about a simple yet profoundly influential vicious cycle that occurs frequently in software development environments.

We can one-line it like this:

Mess ➝ Incidents ➝ Trauma ➝ Restrictions

Modestly unpacked, this cycle looks like this:

Unmaintainable code is written and deployed, most likely on top of…

Naming is important. As has been pointed out many times before, computers faithfully execute our written instructions, but we don’t write those instructions to be easily understood for the benefit of computers.

Decoupling is important. Highly coupled systems are challenging to change, and this challenge increases exponentially as the degree…

Off the route — to the controller — through authentication — to the action—through authorization — to the model — through validation — to the table — to the view. Nothing but net.

Think about the system flow and generate a set of expectations before you exercise your code.

As a long-time educator and the progeny of professors, I find few things more satisfying than teaching a thing of real value to willing and motivated students. If teaching is in your blood like…

Well, we made it through week two of the Iron Yard Indy, and to quote Keanu Reeves at his finest…


It’s a little hard to describe exactly what makes the experience so intense.

If you want to quantify it in terms of its components, then I can quickly summarize for…

Ryder Timberlake

Software Engineer & Coach @ Yakcellent Solutions

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